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The Next Big Thing For Business Owners: Mastermind Groups


What Is a Mastermind Group?Author Napoleon Hill made a discovery in his bestseller “Think and Grow Rich” back in 1937 that changed how business is done forever. No, this wasn’t any breakthrough scientific discovery. Just a simple fact – successful people get together to discuss ideas and support each other! Thanks to him, we have […]

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Responsible for Sales in a Cosmetics Business? Here’s How To Surpass Your Sales Records


Ever heard of the phrase ‘there’s no such thing as too many lipsticks’? The demand for cosmetics is practically limitless. With increasing consumer purchasing power and easy access to the world’s best brands, it’s critical to learn how to sell.   The cosmetics and personal care industry in Thailand in 2019 is estimated to be a […]

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How To Set Up The Ultimate Sales Process For Your Business


Ever tried running a marathon without training for it? Trying to close a prospect without a thorough sales process is no different – it can lead to a painful experience for both your team and your customers. If your business is looking to increase sales figures with a robust process that constantly brings in more […]

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How Our Students Generated 70 Million Baht in 10 minutes


Some people dream of making 1 million baht in a year.  But how about 70 million baht in 10 minutes? That’s what our two-day program achieved with 50 students. At Ultimate Success, we run highly intensive ‘ultimate sales’ training sessions like this, imparting techniques and strategies such as negotiating effectively, handling objections, building rapport, connecting […]

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Don’t Believe Anyone Who Says “Cash is King”. Here’s Why


Ever heard of the term, “the customer is always right”? Or that “cash is king”?  It’s a term used by people who may have a tendency to ‘overvalue’ customers or potential customers (especially in retail and sales industries). However, this is a dangerous mentality because there are times when you need to put your foot […]

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The Anatomy of Leadership in Small Businesses


Leadership is more than just managing people in your company. First-time founders often go into business with a rosy outlook on the future of their company, not aware of the real demands that their people need from them. Without a clear definition of their role as a leader, companies often fall into disarray, with mounting […]

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What NOT To Say in Your Next Sales Call

Blog Post

You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and we all know how relevant this is in the world of sales. That’s why what you shouldn’t say to a customer is just as important as what you should. While there is no ‘hard and fast’ rule to conducting a good sales call, […]

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14 Misconceptions About Closing a Sale

Closing Sale

Sales are to an organization what fuel is to a car! It is the key to your organization’s financial and market growth. Your sales need to be highly intentional if you wish to close them. Otherwise, any ‘sales’ you make that don’t close are simply just a conversation and nothing more. And deals that fizzle […]

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8 Things Successful Sales Teams Practice

Successful Sales Team

For most businesses, you’re only as good as your sales team. A poorly trained sales consultant could cost you lucrative deals, while a team of sales superstars could accelerate your company towards your goals and shatter revenue records. Here are 8 things that the best sales teams and their leaders practice to bring their ‘A […]

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Struggling With Cash Flow in Your Business? Here’s How To Manage Your In’s And Out’s!


Just like your body requires energy to sustain itself, your business needs cash flow to stay alive and thrive in our modern business climate. Companies have many objectives and goals to achieve in the race to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant to their audiences. In this race, a healthy cash flow unfortunately […]

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