How Our Students Generated 70 Million Baht in 10 minutes

Some people dream of making 1 million baht in a year. 

But how about 70 million baht in 10 minutes?

That’s what our two-day program achieved with 50 students.

At Ultimate Success, we run highly intensive ‘ultimate sales’ training sessions like this, imparting techniques and strategies such as negotiating effectively, handling objections, building rapport, connecting with clients, developing your 30-second emotional pitch, and how to access the power of legendary leaders like Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy to dramatically increase your ability to close more sales.

Sounds like a lot? You bet!

Our students have come away saying that they’ve received far more value than they ever expected. It’s the one training program that’s filled to the brim with sales secrets that teach students the art of getting thousands of customers to say yes.

How Does It Work?

Our training program is based on a system that’s called “Perturbation”. 

It’s a highly effective system that allows us to first build the appropriate context and the correct environment for our students. When the time is right, we add in the right amount of pressure (all within 10-minute sessions) to help them achieve amazing results!

It might sound complex, but just spend a few more minutes to read on, and you’ll learn about highly valuable techniques that the top 1% of salespeople in the world use to sell.

This seemingly complicated word is actually pretty to understand – Perturbation is simply the action of applying pressure to create extraordinary results.

Imagine a small piece of coal. By itself, it doesn’t have much worth. But through the process of perturbation (intense pressure), it transforms into a diamond… and now it’s worth over a thousand times more!

And that’s what our students experience: being transformed into sales leaders who can achieve more than previously thought possible.

The system we use is based on the Law of Dissipative Structures, which describes how certain patterns end up self-organizing, if left by itself. This goes against what we would think, which is if left to themselves, things would get messier and not organize by themselves.

If something was organized (or increases in some sort of order), we expect that something or someone is responsible for the change. 

This theory was first defined by Ilya Prigogine, a Russian scientist who won a Nobel Prize for his work on dissipative structures and complex systems.

The future is uncertain… but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity.

Ilya PrigogineNobel Prize winning chemist and physicist

Based on this system, sales expert and coach Blair Singer developed this “Perturbation” approach. He synthesized the Law of Dissipative Structures and the concept of “pressure training” to help people quickly self-organize their skills through the process of Perturbation and become immensely more effective at closing sales.

Since then, thousands of sales consultants, management executives, and business leaders have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their ability to sell!

What Were The Results?

At Ultimate Success, we believe in accountability. And since you’ve read this far, I want to reward you by showing you how we measured our students’ results.

We tracked their performance and here are the metrics we used to track our performance:

  • Total number of people called– Students can call any clients, old or new. Also, this is not limited to calls; it can be through text messages, emails or even a ‘live sale’ to a specific group.
  • Total number of contacts they have made– People who actually took the call and talked to them.
  • Total number of sales they have made in the time limit– As we mentioned before, our students are put through tight intervals of 10 minutes each. All sales activities have to be done within this time frame.
  • Total Number of Pending Clients– These are clients who are interested but haven’t said ‘YES’ yet.
  • Total amount in Baht of Sales.– Once finished, we calculated and totaled the number of sales generated.

At the end, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 40,000,000 baht worth of sales generated, all achieved through the powerful technique of Perturbation.

[Suggestion: include more numbers, ie. total number people called, number of sales made, etc for more impact]

Before going through this process, many of our students were doubtful and unsure of their abilities… like coal. And through our intense training regime, they went through a great amount of pressure and eventually emerged confident and self-reliant, each a champion in their own right.

Their reward is not just the massive boost in sales that they achieved, but the personal development and strength of character that they built within the short span of two days.

How Difficult Was This Process?

As this is a process of Perturbation to create the ultimate success for our students, there will be challenges – it’s a core component of this program.

Every student is put through pressure to start moving towards success. They all started with comfort zones that are different and personal to each one, but as we progressed through the program, the Perturbation process pushes them out of their comfort zone, and they become increasingly comfortable with discomfort.

Through our system, we urge students to increase their energy levels to sell better and close deals within the time limit.

We use “Accelerated Learning”-based teaching, where participants are allowed to discuss, play games and also experience real-world situations in the classroom.

It’s not a rigid or stern process – we don’t believe in that. Instead, we allow things to flow freely as much as possible because that’s what you’ll face out there in the world, rather than controlled, artificial “laboratory” sessions.

“If someone has a better idea, be willing to listen with an open mind and keep quiet until they complete their thoughts.”

Blair Singer

Author, The Secret of Champions in Business and in Life

How Challenging Is This Program?

All of our students are ordinary people who have simply decided to step up and make the decision to develop their closing skills and become a sales superstar.

It might surprise you that some of them have never closed a sale in their lives, before coming to Ultimate Success!

At the end of the program, these are the several templates and frameworks you’ll be able to take away to implement in your organization; free to use them for years afterwards:

  • Creating the right environment
  • Educating and equipping your team (in technical knowledge and personal development)
  • Creating a culture of Accountability
  • Building team energy (Driving and pushing the team beyond the comfort zone)
  • Setting a “Perturbation time frame” of 10 minutes
  • Calling and selling together (In a closed environment)
  • Dividing into teams and competing with each other for a prize

Are You Up To the Challenge?

Whether you’re a single salesperson, lone entrepreneur, or business leader, increasing the ability to make more sales and close more deals is critical to both your personal and organizational success.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or experienced in sales… many of our best students happen to be ‘first timers’ to sales! Your experience doesn’t matter because there is a place for you to grow and hone your ability to close more deals in with our Perturbation process and training program.

If you’re looking for the right framework and system to improve your selling abilities, then you’ve come to the right place and you can register for the Ultimate Success Program here.