Responsible for Sales in a Cosmetics Business? Here’s How To Surpass Your Sales Records

Ever heard of the phrase ‘there’s no such thing as too many lipsticks’? The demand for cosmetics is practically limitless. With increasing consumer purchasing power and easy access to the world’s best brands, it’s critical to learn how to sell.  

The cosmetics and personal care industry in Thailand in 2019 is estimated to be a whopping $5.69 billion1. With thriving tourism and the average age of locals at a promising 37.8 years2(a prime age for cosmetic consumers), this market holds tremendous potential for growth. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what goes into boosting cosmetics sales for your brand in this market. Add to this the fact that there’s no end in the pursuit for your customers to look good! From popular market trends to simple sales synergies, your brand has a lot of room to grow. 

Read on to know how.  

Marketing Tactics That Aid Sales

Every part of your marketing plan must work together to achieve higher sales. Center your efforts around one primary message or Unique Selling Point (USP). This helps your brand find a spot for itself in the competitive landscape. Here’s how you can achieve that. 

  • Decide the Positioning for Your Brand 

Your brand can be niche and exclusive, or a product for the masses. Either way, ensure that you choose one of the two and center all product dynamics around that. This includes pricing, availability, packaging, and associations with the right retail outlets. 

  • Establish Social Proof 

Instagram influencers and reviewers are a great way to encourage people to try your brand out. Get them in your corner through strong user-generated content (posts that look authentically created by real people, instead of looking like advertisements). Statistics tell us that businesses make $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing3… which is massive ROI for your brand, as the social proof in this form of marketing goes a long way in instilling brand loyalty.

  • Master the Art of Cross-Selling 

Market your products as co-dependent in achieving the perfect look. Example: your concealer looks best below your range of foundations. Sales synergy is important in pushing sales numbers, so think about how you can offer your products in discounted bundles or as upsells after a previous product has already been purchased.

  • Encourage Product Trials and Demonstrations 

Your sales team should comprise of subject matter experts who can give consumers a first-hand experience of your offering. Generously offer trials and free mini-makeovers to get them hooked… this is a sure-fire fire to convert people who are ‘on-the-fence’ about your product into repeat buyers from your brand.

  • Associate your Brand with Key Events

Engage with trade shows and lifestyle events that tie back to beauty and fashion. Set up pop-up stations in populated areas that offer free beauty and lifestyle tips, mini-makeovers, handouts, and similar fun stuff.  When you engage with your market, amazing things can happen!

  • Aggressively Market your Periodic Sales Windows

Attract the price-conscious consumer to try your products at slashed costs. Let your products work the magic to have them hooked onto what you offer. Chances are, they will continue buying them at a higher price too, once they’ve experienced how effective your product is.

  • Know Your Competitors

Staying in tune with your competitors helps you understand market dynamics. Have an insight into what they’re doing differently from you and how you can improve by conducting market research and keeping an eye on their marketing… because what’s good for them is highly likely to be good for you, too. Take inspiration from the best examples in your industry!

  • Choose The Right Sales Team 

Create a sales team that is skilled in cosmetics usage and is passionate about it. Don’t focus on hiring good salesmen – instead, hire cosmetics enthusiasts and experts. Sales will follow when you have people who love your product doing the selling, just like how Apple salespeople are Apple enthusiasts themselves!

The Importance of Market Trends in Meeting Your Sales Targets

Most sales teams work with a micro perspective, often ignoring the larger scheme of things. They focus on their tactics and sales pitch. What their focus should be is what the consumer is thinking and looking for

In order to top sales charts, sales teams need to tap into the pulse of consumers. Thankfully, mobile applications are here to help you do that. These apps help you track online trends in any industry to shape your next-in-line offerings better. 

Let’s take the example of Google Trends. From content creation, keyword research, region-specific trends, and tips on Google Shopping ads, you’ve got the one tool to achieve it all. The market trends Google can give you are highly applicable to your business, so dive in and get started on this resourceful application4.

Introduce Products For Niche Consumer Segments

Most cosmetics buyers want to see their brand go beyond just delivering on results. 

Spend some time to see how you can meet a specific need of a consumer group. Take the case of Sweat Cosmetics: this range of beauty products is specifically designed for athletes. Their products last through the day-long sweat and humidity, solving a specific and major problem for this particular demographic. 

Here are a few more examples for you to internalize the importance of customization.

  • Beauty & The Beast Range By Srichand 

Srichand Powders are great for the humid Thai climate. They have leveraged local conditions to create products that suit local skin with face powders offer a smooth shine-free matte finish. This brand launched a Beauty & The Beast collection for fans of the classic tale to capitalize on what their market wants. Full points for brand synergy!

  • Tattoo Liner By Kat Von D

For those women who can’t help but smudge their eyeliner, Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner range is a welcome relief. Discovering the need for an eyeliner that fights sweat, tears, and moisture, this brand delivered what all women need. Also, any newbie eyeliner buyer is bound to start with a 100% smudge free variant.

  • Cruelty- free Vegan Products

Create a line of products that cater to those users who follow the principles of vegan, cruelty-free products. Almost every global cosmetics brand is going down this path. Not only does it cater to a niche segment, but it also gives the brand a chance to be ethical and to let customers know that you care for movements outside of business too.  

The Power of Tutorials For Sales

More than 700 million views5 on YouTube are directed towards beauty-related content each month. This statistic screams out a massive market indicator – cosmetics consumers need expert guidance!

Be it newbie users or experienced ones, it is important to have dedicated strategies that turn casual viewers into brand loyalists. Publishing online tutorials is a great way to do that. Get your top subject market experts to engage browsers with product reviews, cosmetics usage tips, etc. Your content needs to be fun, informative and easy. 

This way, your brand will answer consumer questions using your products. Chances are that they’ll try your products to achieve the same results – which can boost your sales dramatically!

ConclusionIn order to support the above sales and product initiatives, there are a few more things that complement the mix. 

Drawing inspiration from success stories in your industry never fails to work. Additionally, it is important to keep pace with changing market dynamics. Today’s current trends include creating engaging tutorials and responding to market feelers with suitable products. Social influencers are now bigger than ever in any industry, more so in cosmetics. Having them in your corner is certain to cash in big for you.

If you’re looking for more such handy tips on sales empowerment, gets your hands on “5 Steps to Train Your Sales Team in 5 Days”. Not only will it help you create stellar sales strategies, but you’ll also understand how to bring the best out of your sales team. 

Lastly, remember that the sales game is ever-evolving. Be swift in adapting to evolving trends and never forget to aim above the mark to hit the mark.